Types of Marketing Jobs Available for Various Employers in the Toy Industry

As someone starts searching the opportunities for higher-level toy company careers, checking regular job websites and even the sites of these companies can be frustrating. That's because many of the best jobs are listed exclusively with recruitment firms, some of which focus specifically on positions related to toy manufacturing, sales, marketing and other opportunities. This allows the companies to interview only the most preferable candidates. They trust the recruiter to recommend excellent matches.

Higher-Level Positions

Although there is nothing wrong with any paid occupation, these candidates are not looking for positions at cashiers, customer service associates or assembly line workers. Those kinds of employment listings are prevalent on job boards and may make up the bulk of positions posted at a company website. In contrast, the higher-level candidates are searching for positions in departments like product design, marketing, safety engineering and sales management. They benefit from registering with a dominant toy recruitment firm that provides access to exclusive opportunities.

Combining Interests

Someone who has always loved learning about new developments in the toy industry and who majored in marketing in college may want to combine those two interests after gaining some experience as a marketing assistant or associate. Talented marketing professionals are always in demand as companies seek to effectively promote their products to the right audiences.

Marketing Positions

Positions in the toy industry may be available in market research and in middle management, reporting to the marketing manager or director. Researchers may investigate why consumers are buying certain types of toys produced by a manufacturer and sold by retailers while seemingly showing little interest in others. That helps guide companies in decisions about which products to make and which to put on the shelves.

Branching Out

Individuals who major in marketing, or in business with a focus on marketing, may eventually decide to branch out into other opportunities that they find intriguing. At the website of a recruitment agency like ToyJobs, they might find positions listed in advertising, sales, brand management and public relations. It's a very broad occupational field, and the toy industry also has wide-ranging opportunities with manufacturers, retailers and other businesses.